We are called to live out our life in community. We are a community of people centered around truly living life like Jesus did. Jesus did not live in isolation, but in vibrant relationship with others, tending to the presence of God in every circumstance. As followers of Christ, we are called to mimic this lifestyle, both together and in our individual rhythms of life.

Simple Church. We believe that church should not be formatted around programs and business and much of Americanized church in our culture today. Rather, we believe in the authority of Scripture speaking into our lives as we gather, pray, sing, and study. We believe that true growth is not found simply in numbers, but in lives that are continuously challenged and changed by the gospel.

Transparency. We want to preserve open communication and transparency with one another. We are a family, and families know everything about each other.


Where Your Giving Goes

With transparency in mind, we want to be upfront and honest about where your gifts and offerings go after we take up the plates, so here is a breakdown of our monthly spending, line by line.

Please note that you will only see staff pay in the month that they were paid. If it isn’t listed, then none of the money that month went towards staff.

December 2018

  • Church Utilities 26% 26%
  • Musician Contract Labor 24% 24%
  • Missions 48% 48%
  • Building Maintenance 2% 2%